TERROR IN SAN DIEGO – Over 400 Victims


A state of emergency has been declared in San Diego, California at the height of the city’s tourism season.

San Diego has declared itself to be a sanctuary city and has been overtaken by illegal immigration. Now, the consequence of this is an epidemic that has left 15 dead and over 400 hospitalized.

As many Americans were packing up for the long weekend to celebrate the final holiday of the summer, officials in San Diego were dealing with a devastating issue. Rather than heading to the beach or other relaxing location, residents were flooding hospitals in droves, suffering from what quickly became a complete health crisis in the area.

A public health emergency was declared Friday over an outbreak of ‘hepatitis A’ that has been linked to at least 15 deaths and 400 hospitalizationsAmerica’s Freedom Fighters reported.

According to Fox News, “The liver disease outbreak started last November, with the homeless population affected most. The emergency declaration will help the city access state funds and provide legal protection for new sanitation measures, the Union-Tribune reported.”

 “Areas with high concentrations of homeless people will receive roughly 40 portable hand-washing stations to help combat the disease, which can spread through fecal matter when people fail to thoroughly clean their hands after using the restroom.”

“Crews also plan to use bleach-spiked water for high-pressure washing to remove “all feces, blood, bodily fluids or contaminated surfaces,” according to a sanitation plan outlined in a letter Thursday.”

The massive sanitization efforts could soon be imposed in surrounding areas to control the situation that’s spreading out of control.

“After previous vaccination and educational programs failed to significantly reduce the infection rate, and with death reports spiking in recent weeks, San Diego decided to mimic a campaign used in Los Angeles, which is home to tens of thousands of homeless, in an attempt to curb the outbreak,” Fox News explained.

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