Hillary Clinton Still Won’t Accept the 2016 Election Results


In an interview with NPR published earlier today, Hillary Clinton lamented the results of the 2016 election in an effort to promote the sale of her new book, What Happened, in which she details her opinion on the factors contributing to her loss of the race for the presidency.

The interview touched upon the supposed sexism Clinton faced throughout her candidacy from both Donald Trump and normal American voters as well as the alleged Russian hacking of emails from the Democratic National Convention and subsequent distribution to Wikileaks. Hillary Clinton also blamed James Comey’s re-opening of the FBI probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails shortly before the election for her loss on November 8th.

Towards the end of the interview, Clinton stated that she “wouldn’t rule out” questioning the results of the election. This position is completely contradictory to the one she held two weeks before the election was held, where, in a Twitter post, she stated that not respecting the results of the coming election is a “direct threat to our democracy.”


When asked how she might challenge the results of the election Clinton responded that she didn’t think it was possible (since any recounts conducted yielded only possible cases of voter fraud). However, she did insinuate that Donald Trump colluded with Robert Mercer, CEO of a large data firm and prominent Republican donor, to influence election results in exchange for political influence in the new administration. She also stated that the Electoral College (an astute stabilizing force for democracy in the United States ) should be abolished because of its antiquity.

The interview concluded with Clinton saying that she would continue to be active in politics for the foreseeable future through a new political group called “Onward Together.”

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