BREAKING: Barack Obama Makes Major Announcement About Malia

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During his presidency, Barack Obama tried to keep his daughters Malia and Sasha Obama out of the public eye as much as possible. Now that he’s out of office, however, he’s shamelessly trying to use his girls to make money for himself.

CNBC reported that Obama is currently traveling the country giving speeches about leadership, and he is making well over six figures for each appearance. While speaking at an event for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recently, Obama used his daughters as a cornerstone of his speech by revealing the leadership advice he claims to have taught them over the years.

“When they were small, their responsibilities were small, like, ‘say when you want to go potty,’” Obama said. “As you get older, your responsibilities grow.”

He added that he and Michelle have tried to instill “basic homespun values” in Sasha and Malia, including being kind, considerate, empathetic and hardworking. Obama described these as “tools by which you can shape the world around you in a way that feels good.”

“Part of what we try to communicate is that being responsible is an enormous privilege,” Obama said.

The former president said that though his girls are still teenagers, owning responsibility is what marks them or anyone a “fully grown human.” Unfortunately for Obama, his daughters clearly are not taking this advice, as they were both spotted partying at the drug-fueled rage Lollapalooza over the summer.

Malia has been particularly out of control, as she was caught on camera clearly intoxicated at the wild party before being escorted out after she passed out.

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