Hillary Clinton Says She Lost Election Because Women Can’t Think For Themselves

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Hillary Clinton’s public postmortem of a failed 2016 presidential bid continued this week following the release of her election-themed memoir, What Happened.

In a series of promotional interviews, the former secretary of state has cited several reasons she believes President Donald Trump was able to defy predictions and win the contentious race.

After previously blaming factors such as alleged Russian interference in the election and primary challenger Bernie Sanders’ loyal following, she took aim Tuesday at the “white women” who failed to vote for her.

In an interview with Vox, Clinton argued women otherwise inclined to support her candidacy ultimately opted against it out of deference to their husbands or boyfriends.

“All of a sudden, the husband turns to the wife, ‘I told you, she’s going to be in jail. You don’t wanna waste your vote,’” Clinton said, offering a similar hypothetical scenario involving women influenced by their boyfriends.

“Instead of saying, ‘I’m taking a chance, I’m going to vote,’” she added, “it didn’t work.”

Further narrowing the focus of her accusations, Clinton specifically cited “white women” as the cause of her loss.

She described the voting bloc as “really quite politically dependent on their view of their own security and own position in society and what works for them.”

The latest round of finger-pointing was met with backlash by critics, including Newsweek’s Linley Sanders, who called her allegations sexist.

Trump added to the backlash in a tweet admonishing his former rival’s recent statements.

While Clinton has occasionally cited her own behaviors, including what she described as a “dumb mistake about emails,” as contributing factors in her electoral defeat, much of her book and its associated media tour has been dedicated to placing blame on factors outside of her control.

In addition to blaming her political rivals, she suggested in an NPR interview this week that the success of former President Barack Obama was a detriment to her own White House ambitions.

“It’s really difficult to succeed a president of your own party who has served two terms,” she told Morning Edition host Rachel Martin.

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