Look What Trump Just Did To Food Stamps—Millions Of Freeloaders Enraged

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Our country offers a variety of assistance programs to those in need.

While those programs seem nice on paper—Welfare checks, government housing, and food stamps—in reality they are often abused. Worse they become a crutch, so that people aren’t inspired to work hard and earn a better life.

But recent news suggests that at least one program isn’t the crutch that it used to be. Thanks in part to new, common sense rules.

From Breitbart:

Participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) dropped to 41,310,785 in June 2017, the latest data available from the USDA, from 42,691,363 in January 2017.


Food stamp usage has been on a steady decline since Donald Trump began his presidency in January 2017, with the latest data showing that SNAP enrollment decreased by more than 1.3 million, or 3.23 percent, since the beginning of his term in office.

The most significant drops in enrollment took place from January to February and March to April.

The two months where SNAP participation dropped the most can be attributed to states that started reimplementing work requirements to receive food stamps around that time…

Trump’s 2018 budget proposal proposed cuts to SNAP, and suggested that states match up to 20 percent of federal money allotted for the food stamp program.

The president also called for states to expand work requirements for able-bodied adults receiving food stamps if they have not already done so. Some federal lawmakers are crafting legislation to implement this policy nationwide, along with time limits on how long food stamp recipients can receive benefits.

It’s pretty reasonable for states and the federal government to require able-bodied adults look for work. While food stamps are helpful, there is no reason someone can’t at least be looking for a job.

The sharp and steady drop in food stamp usage is a sign that those who looked for jobs found them and no longer needed government assistance. Those that refused to look for jobs, well, they lost their handout.

Add to that more and more jobs coming back to the country, you have a situation where more Americans don’t need government help. They are able to work to earn their keep, as everyone should.

Working to pay your way is a form of independence. You earn that money, so you can decide what to do with it. You don’t need the government holding your hand, telling you what to buy.

That’s good news all around.

H/T federalistnation

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