Expected or Not: LFL National Anthem Response

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The NFL has gotten quite the load of media coverage in these past two weeks as hundreds of players started kneeling as a sign of a protest of the national anthem, and even stepped up their protests following President Donald Trump’s harsh take on them during a speech this Friday. This however, sparked up a nationwide debate over whether team owners should require their players to stand or set fines at the ones who kneel.And while the NFL snowflakes are facing a crisis, women have stepped up to show them who’s the boss, when an all-women football league formerly known as the Lingerie Football League (Lingerie League) recently renamed into Legends Football League, came forward to announce that the national anthem and American flag are “far too sacred” to be protested:

They also stated that despite their brother league, the NFL, having a large number of protesting players, no players in the women’s league would be protesting the national anthem, “The LFL recognizes everyone’s First Amendment right to protest, but our nation’s flag and anthem are far too sacred,” said the league in a statement, adding,“Too many fellow Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice, so that our flag and anthem continue in all its majesty.”

The former Lingerie League also released a video in which they stated what the flag and the national anthem actually mean to them, and how important they really are:

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