BOOM! Country Music Legend BERATES NFL in Shocking Essay

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This country music LEGEND was so eager to take down the NFL he did it a day early!

Of course, patriot and country music LEGEND Charlie Daniels was going to be very vocal in his condemning confused, virtue-signaling, veteran-disrespecting NFL ballchasers’ mockery of the flag, the President and the National Anthem.

On Daniels’s website, you can read an essay titled “To Stand or Not to Stand” complaining about the protests. In the essay, he wrote:

My feelings are that to respect the flag and the anthem does not mean you respect or condone every slight or injustice that takes place in the nation they represent, but, and especially in such a public venue, you are showing that you do respect the freedoms we enjoy as a people and the ones who have given and even currently risking their lives to ensure that we stay a free and sovereign nation.

In a ceremony that many times involves a military color guard, a fly over or some other symbol of our military, disrespecting the flag, the banner they fought under and the anthem that was played when they were sent off to war, cuts deep in the veteran population.

The players may say they mean no disrespect to veterans, but many veterans are not taking it that way at all, and a short hop through the internet could bear me out.

Daniels made it clear that, despite his longstanding fandom, he’s taking a break from the NFL:

You can’t make this up … Insufferable liberals were giddy about the fact that Daniels made a tweet about his Thursday night plans a day early, even writing articles about it.

You can see the true colors of titillated trotsky types are by reading a few of their tweets about this:

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