The 3 Massive Lies Jimmy Kimmel Told About Guns After LV Massacre… Everyone Needs to Read This

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Americans were shocked and horrified by the utter carnage wrought in Las Vegas when a murderous gunman in the Manadalay Bay casino-hotel opened fire on a densely packed crowd at a country music concert below him Sunday night, killing 59 people and wounding more than 500 others.

Democrats wasted no time in demanding a renewal of the debate over gun control, and they were unsurprisingly joined in exploiting the tragedy for political gain by the various late night TV hosts, according to Fox News.

One of those late night hosts who delivered an emotional monologue regarding the Vegas massacre was the typically affable Jimmy Kimmel, who has increasingly become rather sanctimonious in delivering his liberal viewpoints.

According to video and a transcript provided by The Washington Post, Kimmel delivered an emotional 10-minute rant demanding legislative action on gun control while calling out Republicans — who he alleged are controlled by the National Rifle Association.

Kimmel proceeded to state that the “thoughts and prayers” issued as condolences by many were “insufficient,” after first suggesting that Republicans “should be praying for God to forgive them for letting the gun lobby run this country, because it’s so crazy.”

In the midst of his anti-gun rant, Kimmel alleged that President Donald Trump had signed a law that allowed for mentally ill people to buy guns, spoke of the so-called “gun show loophole” that allows gun enthusiasts to buy firearms without a background check and even mentioned current stalled legislation regarding the deregulation of firearm suppressors, which he referred to as “silencers.”

But as Breitbart pointed out, Kimmel wasn’t exactly being on the level with his audience regarding the specifics of his subjects.

His allegation about Trump letting dangerous mentally ill people purchase and possess weapons was actually in reference to the rollback of an Obama-era regulation aimed at banning gun possession by Social Security recipients who needed assistance with their finances — not people who had been adjudicated as mentally ill or dangerous, who are in fact still prohibited from possessing firearms under federal law.

Kimmel also spoke of the mis-named “gun show loophole” to avoid background checks, which actually refers to the normal free market activity of buying and selling between two private individuals, an activity not governed by federal law, which occasionally takes place at or near a gun show.

In fact, people who purchase guns from licensed vendors at a gun show have to undergo a federal background check the same as a person buying a weapon at a gun shop, as the rules for licensed dealers remain the same regardless of the location in which they are conducting their business, be it a show or a shop.

The late night host also touched on the topic of firearm suppressors, which have been misnamed as “silencers” by Hollywood and ill-informed leftists, as they merely suppress the sound of gunfire to a reasonable level, and are nowhere near actually being “silent.” They also have nothing to do with the gunman in the Las Vegas massacre, though Kimmel clearly implied it was relevant.

However, putting aside Kimmel’s misinformation regarding these three gun-related topics, even if the laws he demands had already been put into place, it wouldn’t have stopped the Las Vegas massacre.

From what we know thus far, there is zero evidence that the murderer had ever been adjudicated as mentally ill and was prohibited from owning firearms. Indeed, it appears that he was a generally law-abiding citizen who purchased his firearms legally after successfully undergoing background checks.

And though Kimmel didn’t mention it, the fact that some of the killer’s legal semi-automatic rifles had been illegally modified or converted to be fully automatic means that those weapons were already in violation of federal law. More laws wouldn’t change that.

Furthermore, the killer didn’t use suppressors in his murderous rampage, rendering that topic a moot point.

In the end, this was but another uninformed emotional plea by a liberal who doesn’t understand guns or the large segment of America that staunchly refuses to let ignorant celebrities and politicians dictate how they can and can’t exercise a God-given fundamental civil right enshrined in the Second Amendment.

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