Washington Post Just Used Third-Graders To Attack Trump, It’s Sick

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The mainstream media has become so slanted to the left that it no longer even pretends to not be unbiased or accurate. A perfect example of this is a recent feature in Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post Magazine, where they interviewed third grade schoolchildren on what they think of the issues and politics of the day.

However, the reporters somehow failed to locate a single child who doesn’t have (or, rather, whose family doesn’t have) a liberal point of view. Said writer Britt Peterson, who clearly lives in a different universe than regular Americans, “In the three classes where I asked how many students would have voted for Hillary Clinton, all hands went up. (I didn’t ask this question at Bellows Spring, but no one expressed support for Donald Trump there either.)”

The feature then used these third-graders to spout leftist talking points. Said third-grader Devonte Holland, for example, “I think that Hillary should’ve won because people are saying that Trump cheated in the election because they said he was working with Russia or ISIS or something.”

 Commented fellow third-grader Ranaia Robinson, “Hillary was supposed to win. I mean, she didn’t hate Mexicans. Donald Trump did. She was acting like a grown-up. But Donald Trump just, I can’t even say about him. He’s mean!”

Said Makalynn Dunn, “I would vote for Hillary Clinton because Donald Trump doesn’t like black people and Hillary Clinton does.” Offered Nick Salehizadeh, “I think that if I could vote, I would vote for Hillary Clinton because I wouldn’t want to vote for Donald Trump because he’s orange.” Another girl added, “It made me a little bit mad that it was another boy to be the president because there hasn’t been a female president before.” Do you think the Washington Post should be embarrassed about the fact that it used grade school age children to push leftist propaganda?

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