Libs Enraged After Seeing What Taylor Swift Did to Cops Shot in LV

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Whenever political controversy befalls America — particularly if it’s even distantly related to gun control — every liberal celebrity, no matter how minor, suddenly becomes an ersatz public policy expert.

Sure, they may not have studied the issue at all before said controversy occurred, but they’ve seen the news and they know their opinions are as good as facts, goshdarnit. Thus, we get things like Jimmy Kimmel’s lachrymose midnight punditry, where he explains why a career of introducing Matt Damon skits and girls on trampolines has made him uniquely qualified to tell us what to think about firearms legislation.

One exception to this, surprisingly, has been Taylor Swift. Instead of doing the usual thing and letting America know exactly what she thinks about gun control after Las Vegas, she decided to do something different. She sent several bouquets of flowers to a Los Angeles Police Department station after she discovered one of its officers was wounded in Sunday’s massacre.

According to People, the LAPD’s Foothill Community Police Station got “multiple bouquets” of sympathy arrangements after the oiff-duty female police officer was injured by Stephen Paddock’s attack, all from the very famous sender.

“Talk about a class act! @taylorswift sent multiple bouquets of flowers and plants to our station, as one of our officers was shot in Las Vegas last night,” LAPD Intel Analyst Kimberlee Binder wrote on an Instagram post that has since been made private.

“This is one of the smaller arrangements. Beautiful flowers can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Much respect.”

Swift had also expressed her condolences to those affected by the tragedy on Twitter, but also refrained from making a political statement.

As for the officer, she’s “expected to make a full recovery,” according to the LAPD Foothill Community Police Station’s Facebook page.

Liberals have expressed outrage in the past over Swift’s refusal to become political, and one guesses they’re not entirely pleased over this one. However, one look at the fact-free nature of most celebrity gun control rants and it becomes clear that they represent nothing more than divisive appeals to emotion.

Check out this snotty reaction to Swift’s gesture, for instance.

Is that really what America needs right now? More ill-informed demagogy? Or more displays of affection like Taylor Swift offered?

I think if you ask most Americans, they’ll go with Swift.

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