Caught Red-Handed! See Who Is Behind The Scenes Helping North Korea While Silently Stabbing President Trump In The Back

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Cyber warfare may not be the only weapon that we have in our arsenal, but while it’s not able to kill or to incapacitate a human being, it is nevertheless a very powerful and effective weapon when used in the right way against an enemy bent on our destruction. North Korea knows this as well and they have been hard at work attempting to do everything in their power to disrupt other world governments and their economic engines.

North Korea is suspected of being behind many cyber attacks over the past couple of years in the US and Japan and it would not be unheard of if they were planning other attacks that would do more than rob banks and corporations and hack emails. The more nefarious missions will most certainly include shutting down grid networks of vital infrastructure in the US and its allies. A successful knocking out of communications systems, even for mere minutes, is precious enough time lost for us to be able to effectively respond to a series of launched missiles.

Recently, the US has been going full throttle at North Korea’s internet abilities to attempt a disruption of its service and halt its illegal incursions into our secured systems. The attempts have been quite successful and explicitly because of this, another country has decided that they needed to lend a helping hand to Rocketman and his megalomaniacal desire to annihilate the United States by providing a second internet service as a supplement to China’s service. That country was none other than Russia!

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The Daily Caller:

North Korea has found a new internet service provider, and it may be giving the country’s cyber capabilities a boost.

Russian state-owned telecommunications company TransTeleCom began routing North Korean traffic Sunday, according to Dyn Research, Reuters reports. North Korea’s internet traffic was previously handled by China Unicom, but now the country has two sources.

The connection was first detected by Martyn Williams, a researcher with the North Korea monitoring project 38 North.

Internet use is limited in North Korea, but it plays an important role in the country’s offensive cyberattacks.

Improved connectivity will enhance the rogue regime’s ability to command cyberattacks against other countries.

Russian assistance also strengthens the country’s networks against foreign attacks on North Korean systems, according to cybersecurity experts.

U.S. Cyber Command, operating on a direct order from President Donald Trump, reportedly launched a cyber campaign against North Korea’s Reconnaissance General Bureau, the regime’s espionage arm, The Washington Post reported over the weekend. The U.S. military has been launching denial-of-service attacks to shut down North Korea’s internet.

A major problem with North Korea’s new internet connection is that a U.S. cyberattack on North Korea’s internet could be considered an attack on Russia’s internet infrastructure, Boland revealed to CNN.

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For all of those who have been insisting that Donald Trump only gained the office of the presidency through his collusion with Russia, they would have to admit that this is certainly odd behavior for a country that they claimed was chummy with the president. In fact, it’s downright unbelievable.

As it is, the Leftists are looking for anything to pin on this president, even if they have to invent a reason that supports collusion. And although Russia is not lending any hands to the Robert Mueller investigations, it’s clear that they have no intentions of making this path to peaceful negotiations with North Korea an easy one.


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