Flashback: What Anti-Trump Mayor Did When Shown the Constitution

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The mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico — Carmen Yulín Cruz — gained quite a bit of attention over the past couple weeks due to her public feud with President Donald Trump regarding recovery efforts on the island territory following back-to-back devastating blows from Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Cruz stood apart from the vast majority of other Puerto Rican officials in criticizing the relief efforts as insufficient, and seemed to relish the lavish praise she received from the media and anti-Trump left for denigrating and dismissing the timely and massive amounts of assistance the federal government had sent.

But now Cruz is receiving a bit of perhaps unwanted attention over something she did four years ago when she took the oath of office, according to PJ Media.

When the oath reached the part about swearing to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution, Cruz remained silent for a moment, withdrew her hand from the Bible upon which it rested and turned her back to the official administering the oath. She eventually turned back around, returned her hand to the Bible and grudgingly repeated the part of the oath regarding the U.S. Constitution, then enthusiastically repeated the remainder of the oath.

While it is entirely possible that some sort of distraction was occurring off-camera behind her that prompted her to pause and turn around, it seems more likely that the far left-leaning mayor was sending a message to her fellow leftists of thinly disguised disgust for the U.S.

According to The Daily Signal, the oath Cruz recited read as follows: “I, Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto, as mayor of San Juan, solemnly swear that I shall uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and Laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico against any domestic or foreign enemy; that I will render fidelity and adherence to them; and that I assume this obligation freely and without mental reserve or purpose to evade it; and that I will perform well and faithfully the duties of the position or employment that I am about to exercise. So help me God.”

It is worth noting that Article VI, Section 16 of the Puerto Rican constitution requires all public officials to swear their support for the U.S. Constitution.

It is also worth pointing out that Cruz hasn’t been doing particularly well in the polls recently, reportedly only garnering around 24 percent job approval rating, and may be seeking to amp up anti-U.S. sentiment to try and improve her popularity, even as she holds out her hand in expectation of relief funds and supplies.

In fact, Ken Oliver-Méndez, former assistant secretary of state for Puerto Rico and director of the Media Research Center Latino, revealed that Cruz, “is known for maligning and stoking sentiment against the United States, and people know that if it were up to her, Puerto Rico would not even be part of the United States.”

She has said on record that in her party, there is no room for people who believe in the permanent union of Puerto Rico and the United States,” he added.

Keep that in mind the next time you see her complaining on TV to the anti-Trump liberal media that the U.S. hasn’t done enough, in her opinion, to help the struggling people of Puerto Rico, or when discussions of potential statehood for the bankrupt territory come up once again.

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