Watch: MSNBC Reporter Goes Rogue with Bombshell Trump and Russia Comments BY BENJAMIN ARIE

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Over the past several weeks, the liberal media acted as if they had found the “smoking gun” of Russian collusion in Trump’s election victory: Facebook ads.

After it was reported that groups based in Russia had purchased online advertising during the election, defenders of Hillary Clinton thought their long-promised evidence of a “hacked” election had finally been revealed.

Instead, that “smoking gun” turned out to be nothing but a damp squib.

Even MSNBC — hardly an ally of conservatives — has now admitted that there seemed to be no pro-Trump strategy behind the alleged Russian ads.

“If you’re looking for collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians, the idea that there might have been somebody who understood that they need to talk to people in Wisconsin and Michigan could suggest that that collusion happened,” reporter Kasie Hunt explained.

There’s just one glaring problem: The alleged Facebook ads didn’t focus on battleground states at all. Instead, a significant amount of money was spent in places like California where Trump had virtually no chance of winning.

“What we know from two people familiar with these Facebook ads, they tell NBC News that the list of states that these Russian-tied ads targeted during the campaign includes not just Michigan and Wisconsin, which has been reported, but also Maryland, New York, California, Texas, Ohio, and Missouri,” another MSNBC contributor named Carol Lee admitted.

“What it suggests is there was not necessarily what you would consider a traditional presidential politics targeting. States like California and New York are not states that are in play,” she continued.

The journalist went so far as to say that there seemed to be almost the opposite of collusion between the Trump campaign and Putin.

“If there was a Republican operative guiding the hand of Russia in targeting these ads, that person should be fired,” she joked. “Because this is not how you would necessarily target ads if you were trying to get a Republican candidate — or even a Democratic candidate — to win.”

Hunt told MSNBC viewers that while it’s possible Russia was trying to pit different political sides against each other, there simply isn’t any evidence that it was planned or coordinated with the Trump campaign.

“This new reporting that we have suggests that this effort was potentially broader than that. And maybe not quite as suggestive at a political connection. But rather one that points to sowing unrest broadly. And stoking political divisions in America,” she said.

Sounds a bit like the mainstream media.

After spending almost the entire year trying to nail Trump with vague Russian collusion allegations, nothing seems to stick. Liberals have beat this dead horse until there’s nothing left, and even reporters at MSNBC are finally admitting that the evidence doesn’t add up.

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