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It seems that President Trump may soon have another opportunity to appoint another judge to the Supreme Court. According to sources close to Justice Anthony Kennedy, the judge thinks about withdrawing from the high court. Kennedy, 80, says that old age has finally caught up with him and that he seriously considers about retiring.

He was appointed in 1998 by president Ronald Reagan and is currently the oldest justice in the high court after the death of conservative judge Antonin Scalia. Even though he was appointed by Reagan, Kennedy is politically impartial and has always been the one to decide Supreme Court tiebreakers.

After Gorsuch’s appointment, the Supreme Court is divided by four conservative and four progressive justices, with Kennedy caught in the middle, always deciding SCORUS stalemates. Should Kennedy decides to withdraw, this will give Trump the opportunity to appoint another conservative justice, thus having five conservative to four liberal justices.

Judge Kennedy is close to President Donald Trump with the two of them both having kids who reside in New York. The Supreme Court justice has invited Ivanka Trump to the high court to sit in a section usually reserved for family.

The President’s success in replacing Justice Scalia with a prudent and devoted justice may have affected Kennedy’s final decision since he has seen that Trump is capable of choosing people that will be worthy to replace the honorable Supreme Court justices.

Let’s just hope that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 84, will also withdraw in a couple of years. Ginsburg will be smart to do this since she has trouble staying awake during Supreme Court hearings and it is fairly impossible for her to stay at the high court during Trump’s tenure.

If both Justice Ginsburg and Justice Kennedy withdraw,  Donald Trump could appoint one-third of the Supreme Court. If Trump eventually succeeds to appoint another right-leaning judge to the high court, this will slope the balance of the court to six conservative and three liberal justices.

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