Panther’s QB Sexually Attacks Female Reporter Over Simple Question– What He Did Will Make You Sick

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Over the last several weeks, NFL players have been ramping up their protests during the national anthem. The left has hailed these multi-millionaire players as heroes for standing up against racial oppression and police brutality. Now these race baiters on the left have a difficult situation to explain after one of their so-called “activists” was just caught “mansplaining” to a female reporter.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has had his fair share of controversy over the years beginning back when he played with the Auburn Tigers. During Newton’s college days, he was accused of a pay-for-play scheme that followed him around for years. After that scandal seemed to fade away, Newton found himself back in hot water when fans began to complain about Newton’s offensive “dab” touchdown dance that sparked a social media firestorm. And, now Cam Newton is back in the spotlight after his comments to a female sports reporter have been revealed.

During a press conference at Bank of America Stadium in North Carolina yesterday, Cam Newton was asked a myriad of questions which he answered with respect. That is until it was Charlotte Observer’s Jourdan Rodrigue turn to ask her question of the controversial quarterback.

Rodrigue asked Newton if he found it enjoyable that wide receiver Devin Funchess was embracing the “physicality of his routes and getting those extra yards.” After the question was asked, Newton chuckled at the female reporter then replied back to the female reporter, saying: “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes.’ Newton then pauses before repeating ‘it’s funny.”

Here is more from Breitbart:

Do not be surprised if Cam Newton comes out of the locker room this weekend in a pink uniform, with pictures of Gloria Steinem on either side of his helmet. He may have to in order to get back in the good graces of the liberal sports media after the stunt he just pulled at a Panthers press conference.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Cam Newton fielded a question from Jourdan Rodrigue, a female reporter on the Panthers beat for the Charlotte Observer. After Rodrigue asked Newton a question about wide receiver Devin Funchess, and the physicality in which he’s run his routes. Newton, who seemed to have a look of open contempt on his face throughout the asking of the question, prefaced his answer with a remark about Rodrigue asking that question as a woman:

If you listen closely, you can hear the moment in which Newton realizes he made a tremendous mistake. As a rich and famous celebrity athlete, I’m guessing Newton is used to other people laughing when he makes jokes. The silence that greeted him after that comment, had to have set off warning signs.

Newton had just got back in the good graces of the liberal sports media, by raising a fist after scoring a touchdown against the Patriots last weekend. After this incident, Newton might have to read Das Kapital chapter and verse, from the press box. In the world of the liberal sports media, giving a female reporter the “little lady” treatment, is just about the worst thing you can do.

Obviously, this response did not go over well and why should it? These players have spent weeks displaying their hatred towards America so it should come as no surprise they have an issue with women too. Rodrigue is no shrinking violet and it didn’t take long for her to voice her opinion on the matter.
Rodrigue also noted that she spoke to Newton after the offensive response and eluded it didn’t get any better.
The NFL does not need any more bad press which is why Carolina Panthers spokesman Steven Drummond immediately released a press statement about the embarrassing encounter. Drummond stated that he spoke to Newton about what happened and that he was remorseful about his words.

I am willing to bet that the conversation with Newton was not as “regretful” as they say it went. It is safe to assume that Newton was given a stern talking to about what he said which is what prompted the statement. However, until those words come from Newton himself, does anyone really believe he is all that sorry about how he treated the female reporter?

NFL players have a long history of domestic violence against women and so is it any surprise that Newton would have this attitude when a woman asked a question? The NFL is already in hot water over the national anthem protests, and this doesn’t help their floundering image one bit. Not only are they facing severe backlash for NFL players and their sick anti-American protests, but now they have a star athlete “mansplaining” to a female reporter.


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