Тrump Wоkе Up At 3:13 АM, Gоt Оnlinе, Аnd Drоppеd Тhе Hаmmеr With 6 Brutаl Тwеets

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Another morning has started out quite turbulent for the Social Media followers of President Donald Trump, as the POTUS is going strong on another rampage in which he covered several topics and appears to be going back to his old strategy on Twitter from earlier this year, where he holds nothing back.

His first tweet consisted of highlighting the NFL’s disrespect for the national anthem, and pushing for tax reform, before he moved on to immigration not long after.

The commander-in-chief launched a 70-point plan this Monday, offering Democrats the opportunity to get DACA passed in exchange for a border wall as well as 69 other items designed specifically to lower the levels of immigration and enforce existing laws.The Democrats however as usual, denounced the offer, claiming they are willing to shut down the government in December.

He then switched to health care, sending out his third tweet and declaring that he is getting ready to sign an executive order.

And finally, his last tweet addressed the whole fiery situation with the temporary suspension of an African-American sports reporter, Jemele Hill, who called for NFL fans to boycott the advertisers which support the Dallas Cowboys, after their team owner told his players to stand for the national anthem or sit on the bench.

The comments caused many reactions, but they were necessary in order to clarify some things that not many people want to face.

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