Trump Comes Forward With Shock Statement About Weinstein and His Stained Past

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For the past several days, America has been sickened by the sexual harassment (and now rape) allegations coming out against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

On Saturday, before heading to North Carolina, President Donald Trump spent a few minutes answering questions from reporters who were gathered outside the White House, and touched on the issue of Weinstein, CNS News reported.

“I’ve known Harvey Weinstein for a long time. I’m not at all surprised to see it,” Trump stated when asked about the issue.

Trump spent much of his life floating in and out of the Hollywood world, so it really shouldn’t be much of a surprise that he might know a few things about how Hollywood operates.

Unlike some of the liberal actors who are coming out now and claiming that they had no idea that Weinstein was such a depraved pervert, Trump has indicated that the may have known, or at least heard about, how Weinstein acted.

Many people have drawn comparisons between Weinstein’s actions and the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape that came out in October 2016 that showed Trump saying some rather disturbing things.

Interestingly enough, while high-level Democrats were eager to pounce all over that tape, they have been quite slow to issue statements about Weinstein’s actions.

CNN noted that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama both issued statements condemning Weinstein on Tuesday — several days after the allegations first broke.

Fox News noted that part of the days of silence from both these politicians may be because Weinstein was one of their biggest donors, and someone both Democrats considered to be a friend.

The allegations surrounding Weinstein seem to be getting worse by the day, so it is likely that this story will continue to grow and spread for a while.

So far, Trump has not weighed in any further on the Weinstein issue, but that may change as it continues to dominate the news cycle.

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