Тrump Wakеs Up At 2AM And Dеlivеrs Shockwavеs With 5 Вrutal Twеets

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In a world filled with injustice and corruption, it is hard getting a good night’s sleep while being aware of everything going around you. That was the case this night with President Donald Trump, who had trouble sleeping and woke up at 2 a.m., taking it to Twitter for a Friday morning tweeting spree unleashing  posts to blow everything wrong with our nation.

The president started off by sharing a post by former Fox News host of “The O’Reilly Factor,” in which Bill wrote that a free press is crucial to protecting all Americans, but a corrupt press damages the nation. To this claim, the commander-in-chief added his own comments, saying that they and others are Fake News, but our nation is only starting to wake up to that fact.

After expressing his own thoughts on the media, he moved on to criticize ObamaCare, calling it a “broken mess” and reassuring the people how the HealthCare America deserves will be delivered piece-by-piece.

His last two posts of the morning were centered around Democrats, as well as the people of Puerto Rico. First the POTUS wrote that Democrats have reached a level of being unrecognizable with their fight for Sanctuary crime. Upon unloading his harsh criticism at his rivals, he turned to the people of Puerto Rico, with their “unmatched spirit,” reassuring them that he will always be with them, in reference to the recent feud he’s had with the Puerto Rican mayor of San Juan Carmen Yulin Cruz.

The leftist supporters of course, found his tweeting spree to be problematic, apparently as a result of the harsh truth that the media has been covering from them for such a long time.


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