BOOM! Dolphins Owner Just Stepped Up & Crushed Anthem Kneeling Players – This Perfect Lesson Shows Every NFL Owner How It’s Done

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The majority of NFL fans, who’ve had to endure the antics of rich spoiled athletes taking a knee for some abstract grievance, must wonder why a boss would tolerate such antics. Certainly, if any fan regardless of his imagined grievance behaved in such a way on the job, they’d no doubt be fired on the spot.

Moreover when a professional football team like the Miami Dolphins manages to humiliate themselves 2-weeks in a row, by being the only team to kneel at the playing of the National Anthem, then it’s time to take notice, and that’s exactly what owner Stephen Ross has done, thanks primarily to President Trump’s input.

Apparently Ross was fine with his players taking a knee last year; however, President Trump’s words changed his mind.

Ross supported the abstract concept of racial equality, however after actually paying attention to the president’s words regarding patriotism and the real sacrifice being made every day by true heroes, which isn’t an abstract concept, Ross realized that nobody should ever take a knee when it comes to our flag, our National Anthem and our country.

The Miami Dolphins owner acknowledged; ‘Trump has made [standing for anthem] about patriotism. It’s so important if that’s what the country is looking at to look at [the protest] differently.’

Ross continued; ‘It’s a different dialogue today. Whenever you’re dealing with the flag, you’re dealing with something different. [The President] has changed that whole paradigm of what protest is.”

‘I think its incumbent upon the players today, because of how the public is looking at it, to stand and salute the flag.’

However not all of his players get it, and three have decided to stay in the locker-room during the playing of the anthem; however, not one single player on the field took a knee, which was actually a tribute to Ross and by extension President Trump.

Do you think it’s time for the other NFL owners to act as “owners” and demand their players either stand for the anthem or sit out the season?


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