You Won’t Believe This! Muslim Lawmaker Wants To Give Terrorists…WHOA!

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Muslim immigration to America has a bigger downside to it than just increasing the population of violent religious radicals in the U.S. bent on conquering and dominating the planet.

Now their plan is to infiltrate the US government from within, getting themselves elected into office in order to promote their radical ideas, rather than protect their state and US Constitution(s).

A Muslim immigrant from Somalia, Ilhan Omar has managed to get herself elected to the Minnesota state legislature, where she used her position to try and influence state law. Namely, she has voted against a bill designed to limit life insurance payouts to benefit the surviving family members of terrorists killed during the commission of a terrorist act.

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From Conservative Tribune:

A Somali Muslim state representative from Minneapolis made news last week when she was one of only two legislators in Minnesota’s lower house to vote against a bill to limit life insurance payouts to suspected terrorists.

Ilhan Omar — the first Somali-American elected to a state legislature anywhere in America, according to the Minnesota Daily — cast her vote against HF1397, which was introduced in response to the San Bernardino, California, terrorist attack in 2015.

Before that attack, terrorist Syed Farook took out $275,000 of policies he made sure were valid before he and his wife went on a rampage that killed 14 and wounded 22.

 Upon Farook’s death in a police shootout, his mother unbelievably sought to collect on the policies. That’s the loophole that HF1397 was trying to close.

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Terrorists “should not be able to provide for heirs or whoever (they) want by increasing (their) life insurance policy,” said Republican Rep. Joe Hoppe, the bill’s sponsor. Most of Minnesota’s lower chamber agreed, overwhelmingly passing HF1397 by a margin of 127-2.

WND described Omar as a “community organizer” before she was elected in 2016 and we’ve all learned, only too well, how Leftists really love being community organizers.

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The only other Minnesota lawmaker that voted against the bill was Rep. John Lesch. Both Omar and Lesch are members of the “Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party” in Minnesota, which is just another name for a bunch of leftist Democrats!

No one should ever be able to benefit financially by committing a crime and especially not through a terrorist act that ends with the loss of innocent lives! It should go without saying that insurance companies can deny claims made by the families of Muslim terrorists.  That’s just common sense!

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