What Hillary Clinton JUST Said About Sex Assaulter Weinstein Will Rock The Nation [WATCH]

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Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a conscience. She has proven that time and again over decades in the public eye.

Hillary cares about one thing, and that’s Hillary. She would’ve made an even worse commander-in-chief than she was a secretary of state, senator, or FLOTUS.

In this new clip below, Clinton says she “didn’t know” anything about Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood producer and Democrat mega donor who sexually assaulted scores of women over three decades.

That’s not all. Hillary then goes after President Trump, trying to equate the two men’s actions.

The tweet reads: Hillary Clinton says she “did not hear” the rumours about Harvey Weinstein, who donated thousands of dollars to her campaign.

WOW! A new low for Hillary.

What she was was trying to do was deflect from Harvey and place the blame for sexual assault on Trump’s shoulders, because he once made a comment about grabbing women ‘by the p****.’

She is a nasty, nasty woman. There’s no two ways around it.

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