TAKE THAT: McMaster Just Silenced Media With What Trump’s REALLY Doing In Iran

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Just days ago, Trump announced that he will not re-certify Obama’s  shady Iran deal. Trump has said it’s the worst deal ever, and he means it.  But he’s aware that, because of where Obama put us, it wouldn’t do us any good to simply trash the whole thing now.

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has come out strongly in favor of Trump’s announcement, saying it’s making it possible for our allies, and Iran, to fix what’s wrong with the deal.

(Courtesy of News Politics via Youtube.com)

“It is a weak deal that is being weakly monitored, and so the president has made clear he will not permit this deal to provide cover for what we know is a horrible regime to develop a nuclear weapon. McMaster just said on Fox News Sunday.

“What the president has done is, he has set out a marker, a marker to Iran, our allies and our partners that we have to fix fundamental flaws in this deal.”

While our allies have come out and said they stand by the deal, McMaster stated that “they are already revisiting the terms of the deal.”  France, Germany and the UK support more rigorous enforcement and monitoring.

You gotta love our President, ya’ll!  He’s looking for real change in enforcement and monitoring that will make our world safe from this dangerous regime, with real nuclear capability.  And our allies ARE coming along.   If he sees real change, he he will not completely scrap the deal.

It’s the art of the deal, ya’ll. And our President truly makes it an art! If you’re proud of our President, please SHARE everywhere, and comment “I agree with Trump’s stance on Iran.”


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