TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Obama Did The Unthinkable To Our National Monuments And Trump’s Out To Fix It

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There is a massive fight going on, over the future of America’s National Monuments.

You see, there’s this thing called the Antiquities Act, and it’s really old.  It allows presidents to set aside huge amounts of federal land as national monuments, which protect them from future development.  Sounds like a liberal thing, right?

Obama abused the Act, locking up way more land from any development than 16 other Presidents in the last 100 years.  Take a look:

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Conservatives are moving to restrict a President’s power to lock up land, because it prevents communities from using said land to create jobs. And Trump is fully in favor of allowing his power to be curtailed in this way.

Trump has called the Act  “another egregious abuse of federal power.”

Of course, the libs are freaking out.  Because they don’t like to create jobs, they just like to make it hard for businesses to do business.

They are acting as if reform to the Antiquities Act will get rid of all national monuments, and as if Republicans, and Trump, just don’t care about them.

But  the Conservative bill still gives presidents the power to declare monuments of up to 640 acres without restriction. If they try, however,  to lock up more than that, they would have to meet other conditions, like environmental reviews and approval by state and local officials.

Libs, always over-dramatizing everything!  If you like jobs and what Trump is doing, please Share this everywhere and comment “Trump is a jobs creator!”

H/T The Hill


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