University Takes Stand Against Protesters — Liberals in SHOCK!

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In Wisconsin, once the main areas of progressive ideals, a university has bucked the trend of turning a blind eye to violent and dangerous leftist protestors using anarchy to silence conservative speakers.

The Associated Press writes that the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomie Board of Regents voted on new rules for students opting to silence free speech.

“The policy states,” writes the AP, “that students found to have twice engaged in violence or other disorderly conduct that disrupts others’ free speech would be suspended. Students found to have disrupted others’ free expression three times would be expelled.”

Concern about the Leftist use of violence to shut down alternate opinions grew after the University of California-Berkley caved in to rioters when homosexual conservative Milo Yiannopoulus was chased off campus by liberal hooligans and noted conservative commentator Ben Shapiro was denied a speaking gig as well.

“Perhaps the most important thing we can do as a university is to teach students how to engage and listen to those with whom they differ,” system President Ray Cross told the regents. “If we don’t show students how to do this, who will? Without civil discourse and a willingness to listen and engage with different voices, all we are doing is reinforcing our existing values.”

Academia is one of the main pillars of liberalism. The fissures appearing in it should have the Left scared and hoping it doesn’t spread. If it does, the edifice of fascist liberalism will come crashing downs.

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