OUCH! Colin Kaepernick Just Got Ran Over By The Trump Train And This Time He’s Finished

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Colin Kaepernick thinks that NFL owners are conspiring against him. He hasn’t put two and two together that it was his social justice campaign that made everyone get tired of him. Kaepernick has now filed a grievance against the NFL owners and hired an attorney to handle it.

Take a look what else. According to Bleacher Report, Colin Kaepernick is claiming that the managers colluded against him to keep him out of sports.

The only thing that kept Colin Kaepernick out of football is the fact that he’s just not that good anymore. He’s especially not good enough to put up with his leftist crap.

According to Forbes, Kaepernick is going all in on this. Good. Goodbye Colin Kaepernick. We are tired of your ass anyway. Share this if you are glad that Kaepernick is out of the league.

Maybe if he’s gone. He’ll just fade away and maybe football can become about football again. God bless this country.

Are you glad that we are done having to deal with Kaepernick finally?

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