Trump Just Rained Down Hell on North Korea 7,500 Times Today After Kim Jong-un Put His Finger On Trigger

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Tensions between North Korea and the U.S. have been rising at an alarming rate over the past few months. Now, they appear to be boiling over, and President Donald Trump is taking action.

Freedom Daily reported that Trump just sent 7,500 marines to the Korean Peninsula onboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt. He did this after rumors swirled that North Korea is preparing to fire multiple short-range rockets around the opening of the Chinese Communist Party’s twice-a-decade congress on Oct. 18th.

South Korean media reported that the $4.5 million warship, known as “the Big Stick,” has been sent to boost US defence on the Korean peninsula. It is expected to arrive in the region in the next few weeks. The USS Theodore Roosevelt will be joining the USS Ronald Reagan, which is already in the region.

Admiral Steve Koehler, a strike group commander on the ship, released a statement saying 7,500 sailors and marines onboard are “ready as a war fighting force.”

“The US Navy carrier strike group is the most versatile, capable force at sea,” he said in a statement before the ship’s launch. “After nearly a year of training and integration exercises, the entire team is ready as a warfighting force and ready to carry out the nation’s tasking.”

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