TRUMP DEFEATS ISIS! This Huge Development Could End The Terror Group Forever

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The ISIS-held city of Raqqa has just been reclaimed by U.S.-backed forces, according to Fox News.

The news organization cited Brig. Gen. Talal Sillo, who claimed that there are no longer any clashes between ISIS and Syrian forces in the city.

“The last group of Islamic State militants had been holed up Tuesday in a stadium in the Syrian city of Raqqa, their last stand as U.S. backed, Kurdish-led forces closed in around them,” Fox News reported.

Footage of the liberation has started to appear on cable news.

Of course, this news is HUGE for Donald Trump. As a candidate, he promised to quickly wipe out the terror organization, despite the fact that Barack Obama couldn’t do it in YEARS.

Within months, Trump finished the job. 

Now ISIS is without their capital city. Without land, they may soon be more powerless than ever before.

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While the media focuses on made-up drama, he’s DESTROYING TERROR around the globe!


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