WATCH: Disgusting Liberal Jimmy Kimmel Outed For Perverted Thing He Forced Women To Do In Public

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Ever since Trump took the presidency, Jimmy Kimmel has appointed himself as spokesman for the regressive left. This is evident in his vocal stance in favor of Obamacare. In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, he acts like he is all of a sudden an expert on guns and why they should be banned.

Well, it looks like the late night talk show host now has some explaining to do. A video just surfaced showing Kimmel engaging in some naughty conduct with a group of young women. Kimmel’s actions in the video aren’t on the level of Harvey Weinstein’s, but it’s still pretty damning, especially coming from a guy who uses his in-show monologue to preach morality.

The video is from an earlier show where he approaches young attractive women on the streets and has them feel around his crotch area in order to guess what is in his pockets. What’s so eye-raising about this is that one of the women is only 18-years-old. Sure, that makes her a consenting adult and just old enough to partake in Kimmel’s shenanigans, but it’s still unsettling to see a grown man in Kimmel exploit a woman that young for entertainment and comedy. It certainly raises eyebrows in light of what people in Weinstein’s position have been doing behind closed doors.

The Kimmel video and Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault revelations show that Hollywood liberals are the biggest hypocrites. They preach morality and equal opportunity for women, yet you have elitist progressives like Kimmel and Weinstein engaging in conduct that anyone on the right would be publicly condemned for.

Is Jimmy Kimmel just as big a hypocrite as he is ignorant?

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