NEWS Breaking: Guilty As Hell! Guess Who Just Pleaded Guilty To Human Smuggling, Killing 10

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In what can only be seen as a degrading and desperate act, some seek to enter the U.S. by allowing themselves to be herded into freight trailers, and to be hauled into the country as though there were not humans but just so much cargo. In fact, their conditions during transport are far worse than what is allowed for livestock on its way to being slaughtered.

A truck driver named James Bradley has pleaded guilty to driving a freight trailer filled with illegal aliens into the country. To make matters worse, ten of those souls perished during their transport due to the excessive heat that built up inside the trailer. Imagine the horror the rest of the illegals experienced as they saw there fellow travelers die and wondering if they would make it or wind up dead as well.

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“A truck driver who packed up to 200 illegal aliens into the back of his tractor-trailer pleaded guilty to Transporting Undocumented Aliens Resulting in Death. A total of 10 died after being locked for hours in the Texas summer heat.

“James Matthew Bradley, Jr. pleaded guilty while appearing before United States Magistrate Judge Henry Bemporad in San Antonio on Monday afternoon. Bradley pleaded guilty to a single count of conspiracy to transport aliens resulting in death and one count of transporting aliens resulting in death. He could face up to life in prison during a sentencing hearing scheduled for January 2018.”

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Imagine 200 people jammed into a freight trailer, presumably with no ventilation, traveling in the Texas heat. It’s surprising that even more didn’t turn up dead. Mr. Bradley clearly places very little value on human life, and is not bothered by the prospect of earning his money through cruelty.

A statement by law enforcement officials sums up this case and its implications.

“‘Today’s admission of guilt by Mr. Bradley helps to close the door on one of the conspirators responsible for causing the tragic loss of life and wreaking havoc on those who survived this horrific incident,’ Shane M. Folden, special agent in charge, HSI San Antonio, said in a written statement. ‘This case is a glaring reminder that alien smugglers are driven by greed and have little regard for the health and well-being of their human cargo, which can prove to be a deadly combination. HSI is committed to aggressively targeting human smugglers and smuggling organizations, who continually victimize people for profit.’”

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That takes care of the person who was directly and criminally responsible for this horrible human tragedy.

To return to an earlier theme, what does it say about politicians who hold out a reward of welfare benefits and sanctuary to those who enter the U.S. illegally? Does it not stand to reason that if those enticements were not present, that fewer would choose to put their lives at risk by entering the country as these people did?

These politicians won’t appear in court for their actions, but that does not remove their portion of the responsibility for such tragedies.


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