Whаt Presidеnt Trump Just Pullеd Off Will Gо Dоwn In Histоry As Thе ‘NЕW’ Art Оf Thе Dеal

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Did anyone think Trump couldn’t handle the spineless politicians? If you did you were wrong.

As Trump so just brilliantly showed the entire damn world.

Look, Obamacare is bad but it is the bad law of the land. Trump doesn’t care what you call it as long as the politicians fix it before it implodes and does some catastrophic damage.

But the politicians in Washington D.C., the creature of the swamp, couldn’t care less and did the usual DC two-step.

Say one thing to voters and another to donors and never the two shall meet. Unless your name is Hillary and you stupidly gave speeches to Wall Street while condemning them and running as a populist.

Didn’t work. Couldn’t work. End of story.

So Trump, ever mindful that a president should talk loudly and carry a bigger stick did what he had to.

He did what he had to not because he was a heartless scrooge as the media would have you believe, but because he needed to get the Democrats and the Republicans to come to the table and make a deal.

If they can’t repeal it then at least plug the leaks until Trump can get a Congress who can do something.

So Trump cut the subsidies to the insurance companies and while that would crush the individual markets it would also crush the profits of the insurance companies.

And you better believe the GOP and Dems and the rest save Trump are all in the back pocket of the insurance lobby.

So it came as a surprise to all but Trump that low and behold Congress reached a stop gap deal to give states more flexibility with regulations in exchange for funding the subsidies.

President Trump called it a “good short term solution.” Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows called it “a good start.

It is not ideal but it is better than nothing and it shows again the “Art of the Deal” mentality. Fight to win but never go home empty handed.

And keep in mind it took Obama years to ram through Obamacare and it has taken Trump less than a year, with no help from Congress, to get some major changes. If it was anyone else who did the press would put him on Mt. Rushmore.

And another thing, can you believe what Trump had to do just to get these babies to the table to talk? It is an outrage that he has to waste his time making them do their job.

From Axios:

“What’s in the deal:

Two years of subsidy funding, along with funding for the rest of 2017.

A “copper plan” for people older than 30, which would be less comprehensive than other ACA plans but would have a lower premium.


H/T republicanpost

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