Laura Ingraham Just Stuck It To The Biggest RINO In The Senate, He’s Going Down


One truly troubling turn of events is how some Republican members of the House and Senate are refusing to back President Donald Trump’s agenda items. They don’t seem to realize how much they are helping the Republican party shoot itself in the foot despite the fact that Republicans hold a majority in both chambers.


Conservative commentator Laura Ingraham is sick and tired of these RINOs trying to flex their political muscle against their own party, and she has just decided to get involved to help kick one of the very worst of them out.

Ingraham recently announced via her Twitter account that she is backing Dr. Kelli Ward to challenge Arizona Senator Jeff Flake in the Republican primary. Wrote Ingraham, “I am happy to have endorsed @kelliwardaz in the Arizona primary against @JeffFlake, She’s with the people. He’s with the usual flops.”


Flake has been a constant thorn in Trump’s side, and recently spoke out against the border wall, despite the fact that it would greatly help curbing the rampant problem of illegal immigration in his own state.

Kelli was thrilled to get Laura’s endorsement, saying, “I’m honored to have earned Laura’s endorsement and enthusiastic support. She’s smart, articulate, and a conservative hero who will bring important momentum to our surging campaign.” Are you glad Ingraham is going to wield her influence to try to get RINO Flake replaced with a real conservative?



H/T federalistnation

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