FBI Seeking to Delay The Release of ‘Tarmac Meeting’ Documents Between Clinton & Lynch

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Well, what do you know?

After the FBI told a federal court that it could not find any records related to the secret meeting on an Arizona tarmac when then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with former President Bill Clinton, it has suddenly found 30 pages of documents that should have been turned over a year ago.

The discovery was made in conjunction with a lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch to force compliance by the Department of Justice (DOJ) with a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Judicial Watch got the news about the discovery of information relating to the meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton that occurred on June 27, 2016, just days before the FBI was scheduled to interview Hillary Clinton about her secret and unauthorized email server set-up during her tenure as President Obama’s first Secretary of State.

Clinton and Lynch were “outted” when a local Phoenix reporter went public with the highly unusual private meeting between the nation’s top law enforcement officer and the highly influential husband of a target in a current investigation.

Once the meeting was revealed, Lynch said the two merely discussed the former president’s golf game and grandchildren – for 40 minutes while the two private jets idled on the runway.

Days later, James Comey, then-head of the FBI, made a detailed 14-minute presentation of the case to be made against Clinton for her unlawful email set-up, as well as her destruction of emails under subpoena in the investigation, before announcing that the DOJ would not pursue charges against the former Sec. of State and Democrat candidate for the presidency.

The FBI informed Judicial Watch and the federal court that “potentially responsive documents” to the FOIA request had been found when it was reviewing files for another request filed by Judicial Watch.

Tom Fitton, president of the watchdog group released a scathing statement about the “sudden” discovery.

“The FBI is out of control. It is stunning that the FBI ‘found’ these Clinton-Lynch tarmac records only after we caught the agency hiding them in another lawsuit.”

In addition to any documents related to the June 2016 tarmac meeting, Judicial Watch is seeking all forms relating to the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Fitton said, “Judicial Watch will continue to press for answers about the FBI’s document games in court.”

Do you believe the FBI is stonewalling its compliance with court orders to provide documents relating to Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch’s meeting on the tarmac in Phoenix just days before Hillary was to be questioned?


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