He’s Fired?! Guess Who Was Just Terminated For Violating The Ethics Handbook? Democrats Are Stunned Speechless!


You might get a bit of a chuckle at the idea of the members of the mainstream press having “ethics handbooks.” Okay, maybe the idea of their having such documents comes as no surprise. What would be difficult to accept is the idea that such ethical rules and guidelines have much impact given the consistent leftist bias that is endemic to these news outlets.

That the mainstream media is furious over Donald Trump’s victory is obvious. That they work tirelessly to promote the president’s political opponents is obvious as well. It would truly be interesting to see what would have happened had they pursued Hillary’s alleged misconduct regarding the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, and her email server with the same vigor that they have pursued President Trump over the now discredited Russia dossier.

It is encouraging, however, to see that alleged gross misconduct by a reporter might have consequences. Nick Dudich is a New York Timeseditor who was caught on an undercover video admitting to being anti-Trump, and further to be actively opposing the president in his work at the paper. Perhaps getting caught doing what we all know they do all the time was too much for theTimes as his name is no longer in the paper’s directory.

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“The three new videos, part of the Project Veritas’ ‘American Pravda’ series, use hidden camera interviews to expose the liberal bias embedded in the mainstream media.

“An undercover journalist exposed The Times online editor Nicholas Dudich in the first video of the series, where Dudich was heard on video describing himself as a former member of the so-called ‘antifa,’ the violent liberal group that has attacked conservatives and President Donald Trump’s supporters throughout the U.S.”

“Project Veritas reported on Tuesday that it believes Dudich has been fired after being exposed in Parts 1 and 2 of the American Pravada NYT series, though it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet.” [Source: Conservative Tribune]

Perhaps getting exposed making these specific remarks triggered the Times to dust off the “ethics handbook,” read the part about editors and reporters not using the paper as a tool to push a political agenda, and gave Dudich the boot.

Here’s the relevant video clip:

Apparently, Dudich has company.

“In addition to the video indicating that Project Veritas believes Dudich was fired, the group also released Part 3 of the American Pravada NYT series on Tuesday, exposing another editor at The Times for bias against Trump and conservatives.

“As reported by Conservative Review, Senior Homepage Editor Des Shoe is heard on camera admitting The Times is ‘widely understood to be liberal-leaning.’” [Source: Conservative Tribune]

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The determination by mainstream news outlets such as the Times to actively ram a liberal agenda down readers’ throats, or in the case of their broadcast colleagues, down the the throats of viewers, has been obvious for decades. That they will not admit the truth only makes them dishonest in addition to being biased.

When a couple of poor slobs from their paper get caught on video admitting to doing what the whole world knows they do, they get the ax. You really can’t feel sorry for them.



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