WATCH Barack Obama Bashed Trump Today, SUDDENLY Everyone Noticed What Was Wrong With His Mouth

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Barack Obama is one of the most divisive President’s in US history… easily. After Obama, our race relations are worse than they have ever been.

Watch the stupid thing he does.

Barack Obama: Some, some of the politics we see, now we, we thought we put that to bed. Uh-I-uh-mean that-uh-that folks lookin… fifty years back. It’s the 21st century.”

Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh… Obama needs to start reading his damn speeches. He can’t even read them off a teleprompter without stuttering and stammering like a squirrel on steroids.

It’s crazy that this man has the gall to attack anyone for being divisive. Share this if you think that Obama should crawl back in the hole from which he came from.

Comment “Go Away Obama” if you think he should go away and quit trying to divide this nation further.



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