NFL is Crying Like Babies After Seeing Earnings Report — The BOYCOTT’S WORKING!

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As NFL stadiums continue to empty, the sound of the League’s wallets being emptied are also being heard by owners and managers.

Since players have shamelessly resumed their SJW antic of kneeling, seats in multi-billion stadiums have gone unused and the revenue from televised airings have also been shrinking.

The Right Print reports that Credit Suisse “cut its third-quarter earnings-per-share estimates for CBS by a full three percent. That’s a devastating blow of lack of confidence that the NFL-broadcasting network will perform.”


But wait…there’s more!

The Print also informs us that “NFL ratings are down 17 percent from this time last year. CBS’ stock has fallen almost 11 percent since January.”

Roger Goddell, Commissioner of the NFL, insists that the League wants to honor the flag and this nation, yet it does nothing to rein in the disgusting behavior of black supremacist players.

It is a special form of insanity afflicting players for them to imperil their employer who gives them millions for them to use as they wish to really make a difference. But that is the Left.

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