New FBI Chief Wray Just Dropped Comey’s Biggest Secret He Never Wanted Getting Out

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President Trump chose Christopher Wray to head the FBI, when he decided to ax James Comey in June.

Wray has been doing a great job, too.  He spoke to a group of police on Sunday, and said this:  “…I’m somebody who’s a big believer in the importance of integrity of process, and that’s part of how I am hoping to sort of steady the ship.”

Hmmm… INTEGRITY….  Something Jim Comey knows nothing about.

Wray went on:  “Staying laser-focused on the mission and on the work itself — day in, day out, left foot, right foot, grinding away, following the rules, following the law, following the guidelines, trying to make sure that we’re doing the right thing but in the right way, treating everybody with respect.”

Following the rules…the law.  Doing the right thing, IN THE RIGHT WAY….

No wonder Trump chose him.  The FBI had been lacking in integrity for some time. And both Republicans and Democrats liked Wray for the job.  No wonder.

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