NEWS President Trump Is About To Squish Thousands Of Welfare Leeches, Obama Is Boiling Mad

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When Donald J. Trump took office, he made a slew of promises. Some were huge, some were middle-of-the-road, and others were smaller ones. Regardless, his promises were markedly different than those of his predecessors. Barack Hussein Obama promised “change,” but as we soon found out, that change wasn’t necessarily a good thing, especially when it was paired with the whittling away of our nation’s sovereignty through a broken economy and financial status.

How was this achieved? The Progressives figured out a way to downgrade the lone superpower in the world to a third-world country and that was through the systematic destruction of its financial system, primarily through a series of bills and acts that would force more Americans than ever before onto the rolls of government assistance. This was the actual foundation of Obamacare all along. And it nearly worked.

Now that we have a new president and a new administration, those radical Leftist throwbacks to the wannabe hippies of the 1960s are no longer able to write law and enact orders that will destroy our nation. That being said, President Trump has put forward his newest Tax Plan and it is said to be chock full of new reform for a corrupt and broken welfare system!

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The Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump announced his intent to look into possible welfare reform to reporters Monday because some people are taking advantage of the system and others aren’t getting what they need, he said.

Trump, addressing reporters, said he would be looking into the issue “very strongly” to see what can be done about the welfare system, Politico reported.

“One thing we’re going to be looking at very strongly is welfare reform. That’s becoming a very, very big subject,” the president said at the Cabinet meeting. “And people are taking advantage of the system, and then other people aren’t receiving what they really need to live, and we think it’s very unfair to them.”

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Trump added that his administration had received numerous recommendations on the subject and would be announcing his plan on the welfare reform shortly.

“It’s gonna be a very big topic under this administration. And it’s started already, and we have a lot of recommendations that we’re going to be making, and you’ll be hearing about them very shortly,” Trump added.

Trump released his 2018 budget in March and welfare reform was a major part of it. The budget suggested reforming programs like the Children’s Health Insurance Program and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, better known as food stamps.

“This budget strives to replace dependency with the dignity of work through welfare reform efforts,” the budget summary said.

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Each time a Republican administration enters the White House, this is always one of the focuses because it is a proven fact and has a tested track record that it actually works when we require work for welfare. Other nations of a more Socialist persuasion may not agree, but those other nations are in a heap of financial trouble.

Here in the United States, over the past eight years, it was a given that if you applied for assistance, the government bent over backwards to try to accommodate you, especially if you were a first-time applicant. The more people enrolled, the more permanent government jobs were and the more subservient you would be in order to keep that money coming. A new age is upon us and Trump is proving that he knows exactly how to stimulate an economy.

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