BUSTED: Elizabeth Warren Lied About Sexual Harassment


A conservative radio host is saying that Sen. Elizabeth Warren is lying about her claim that she was sexually harassed, just to get publicity for herself.

The latest trend is for women to claim “#MeToo,” a viral hashtag that has been shared millions of times by women who claim to have been victims of sexual harassment or sexual abuse by men.

It all stems from the revelations about Harvey Weinstein’s disgusting predatory attacks on women. Actresses, politicians, and average citizens have all claimed “me too” over the past several weeks.

So of course, it was Warren’s turn. And Boston’s Jeff Kuhner claims it’s a lie.

Warren recently appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” to discuss sexual harassment and decided to share her own experience:

“I was a baby law professor and so excited to have my first real teaching job and there was a senior faculty member who would tell dirty jokes and make comments about my appearance,” she said. “And one day he asked me if I would stop by his office, which I didn’t think much about, and I did, and he slammed the door and lunged for me. It was like a bad cartoon. He’s chasing me around the desk trying to get his hands on me and I kept saying ‘You don’t want to do this. You don’t want to do this. I have little children at home. Please don’t do this.’”

She added: “And trying to talk calmly, and at the same time what was flickering through my brain is, if he gets hold of me, I’m gonna punch him right in the face.”

She said she managed to escape and didn’t tell anyone about it. But still, she said she was deeply shaken by the event, asking herself if she did anything to “bring this on.” For a long time afterward, she said she decided to wear “a lot of brown.”

It was a great “me too” moment from one of the post powerful – and popular – women in the country. One problem, according to Kuhner: It’s not true.

There is only one problem: She is lying (again). The faculty member Warren is referring to is law professor Eugene Smith, who was her mentor and close friend at the University of Houston. The reason we know this is because at Smith’s memorial service in 1997 Warren recounted and spoke about the incident. But the account then was dramatically different. In fact, the very opposite.

According to Warren, Smith was her buddy and they were joking around in the office, in which she was laughing uproariously. Numerous witnesses say that, even when speaking at the memorial service, Warren laughed about the alleged incident. Which begs the question: Who cracks jokes about being sexually assaulted? Unless, of course, it never happened.

More importantly, Warren conveniently—and deliberately—left out a seminal fact: Smith suffered from polio. That’s right. He was unable to walk or move around without a wheelchair or crutches. According to his former colleagues, Smith’s polio was so severe they felt pity for him.

Warren herself, while trying to be humorous at Smith’s memorial service, inadvertently revealed how utterly disabled he was. She told a second story about when Smith took her to the faculty lounge for lunch. Smith ordered a steak. After it came, he then pushed the plate towards Warren, asking her to cut it up for him. “Can’t you see I’m a cripple?” he allegedly told her. “Sure. But I thought you knew that when you ordered the steak,” Warren retorted, which she says made him laugh.

The real point, however, is obvious. How does a man who is—in Warren’s words—a “cripple,” unable even to cut his own food (never mind walk), chase a woman repeatedly around a desk seeking to sexually assault/rape her to the point that she is so terrorized she is wondering how to escape though the door? The answer: It’s impossible. This is why many of Smith’s former colleagues say that, although they recall the incident, it was dramatically different from how Warren is describing it now. According to them, it was one big joke. Smith pretended to chase her around the desk, and Warren pretended to be shocked and outraged.

Moreover, in 1997, Warren was then a law professor at Harvard. If she had really been assaulted by Smith, then why did she travel all the way to Houston, deliver a glowing eulogy and praise Smith for his “character” and “moral integrity”? A woman who was truly sexually abused or harassed would never have done it. In fact, she would want nothing to do with him. Warren, however, did do it because she wanted to do it. She liked, even admired, Smith. He had never assaulted or harassed her.

Warren may be the most depraved, cynical and mendacious member of Congress—and that’s saying something. Think about it: She is willing to smear the memory of a dead, disabled friend in order to win votes and prop up her feminist image. There is almost nothing lower.

Yet, it is no surprise. Warren is an incorrigible liar. She has lied about almost everything—her Native American ancestry, her humble socio-economic background, her history as a house flipper, her lucrative work shilling for the big banks, Wall Street and large insurance companies, her vast wealth, her mansion in Cambridge, and her use of the Senate seat to plug her books and line her pockets. Hence, it’s only natural for her to cry sexual harassment and play the victim card, even though it never happened.

What do you think? Does Sen. Warren have a history of “truthfulness” that she can rely on to back up her story? Or is she just “piling on” to get some attention? Sound off below!


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