It’s FINALLY Here! Trump Fulfills MAJOR Immigration Promise With Executive Order

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During Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, he repeatedly called for a temporary ban on immigration from terror-ridden countries “until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” After that, he wanted “extreme vetting” for those wishing to enter the country.

That promise was turned into a 120-day ban that was challenged in the courts — but was ultimately allowed to stand.

Now that the ban is over, the Trump administration is ready to move forward with part-two.

That means EXTREME VETTING is now a reality!

According to USA Today, Trump has signed an executive order that “allows immigration officials to restart the Refugee Admissions Program, but with ‘special measures’ to screen refugees ‘whose entry continues to pose potential threats to the security and welfare of the United States.’ Those measures include more in-depth interviews of families seeking refugee status and biometric information to be checked against a various federal watch lists and databases.”

This is BIG NEWS that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves because conservatives and liberals alike are too busy talking about Russia.

But this can’t be ignored. Extreme vetting was a MAJOR promise of the Trump campaign — and it’s finally here!

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The wins just keep coming!



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