He’s Fired?! A Majority Of Republicans Are Now Demanding His Resignation, And He’s Weeping Like A Baby

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Both political parties suffer from “fixtures” that have managed to get into top leadership positions and who will not budge. They are a detriment to their respective causes and parties. Not only that, they likely discourage lower-level members of both houses who are younger, more aggressive, and want their shot at top leadership.

In a sense, President Trump did the Democrats a service by dislodging Hillary and sending the insufferable battleax into retirement from political office. As such, about all she can do is continue her sore-loser book tour and defend herself from developing scandals. Relative obscurity must be intensely painful for her.

But the Democrats are not the only ones who are stuck with inappropriate leaders at the top. While they have Pelosi, Schumer, and Feinstein for example, the Republicans have McCain, Ryan, and McConnell. To illustrate how unhappy Republicans are with some of their leaders, a majority now want Mitch McConnell to resign as Senate majority leader. However they best not count on it as these people are notoriously difficult to remove.

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“The [new Harvard-Harris] poll, provided to the Hill, found that 56 percent of Republicans want McConnell out. It also found that he has the worst approval of any politician in the survey, with a meager approval rating of just 16 percent.

“The poll also found the Republican Party, while holding both chambers of Congress and the White House, has a rock-bottom approval rating as it fails to deliver on President Trump’s agenda and their own campaign promises, such as repealing Obamacare and cracking down on illegal immigration.

“Just 29 percent of voters approve of the job Republican lawmakers are doing, with only 53 percent of GOP voters approving of their job. The Democrats meanwhile, have a 39 percent approval rating, and it viewed favorably by 68 percent of voters.”

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This should be a wake-up call to Republicans in Congress. In the first place, and most importantly, it illustrates the frustration of Republican voters over the failure of the Republicans in Congress to press forward with President Trump’s agenda.

It should not take much for folks like McConnell to figure out that Republican voters who rallied around President Trump’s agenda would be more than a little unhappy with the failure of a Republican Congress to make that agenda a reality. Republican leaders such as Ryan and McConnell have no excuse for this other than their own failure as effective leaders.

The entrenched leadership of the Republican Party has another reason to worry: Steve Bannon, who is now at war with them.

“‘The Republican Party is at war with its traditional leadership and Trump and Bannon are winning in this unprecedented schism,’ Harvard-Harris Poll co-director Mark Penn told the Hill.”

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McConnell, Ryan, Graham, and McCain are not the leaders to build a conservative party for at least two reasons. They are neither conservatives nor are the effective leaders. The should resign, and if they are too arrogant for that, they should be recalled and replaced.

Sort of like what they failed to do with Obamacare.

H/T Breitbart

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