BREAKING: Report Reveals Conservative Publication Was Behind Original Fusion GPS Effort

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“The Free Beacon is funded largely by a New York hedge fund billionaire who was a Marco Rubio supporter.”

A breaking report from the Washington Examiner’s Byron York late on Friday alleged that the organization which was originally funding the Fusion GPS efforts of opposition research into Republican candidates was The Washington Free Beacon.

York broke the news Friday afternoon with a tweet:

Lawyers for the Free Beacon told the House Intelligence Committee on Friday that their organization was responsible for originally funding the Fusion GPS effort into anti-Trump opposition research, the Washington Examiner reported.

Sources told York that the project had nothing to do with Russia when they funded it, as Fusion GPS’s decision to hire former British spy Christopher Steele happened after the Free Beacon quit funding the project and Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Convention (DNC) took over – Steele then used Russian sources to compile the largely unverified dossier.

According to The New York Times, the Free Beacon is funded largely by a New York hedge fund billionaire who was a Marco Rubio supporter:

The Free Beacon is funded in large part by the New York hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, according to an associate of Mr. Singer. The associate said Mr. Singer, a leading Republican donor, was not aware of the dossier or Mr. Steele’s involvement until January, when BuzzFeed published the dossier.

Mr. Singer initially supported Senator Marco Rubio’s campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. But after Mr. Rubio dropped out of the race, Mr. Singer spearheaded an effort to block Mr. Trump from winning the presidential nomination, drawing Mr. Trump’s ire.


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