Massive: House GOP Just Did Something Awesome — Democrats In Full Meltdown!

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If there’s one thing liberals don’t get, it’s that you don’t throw toddler fits every time you don’t get your way.

We’ve seen this sort of thing over and over again after Trump won the election – whiners crying for their safe spaces, or everyone on the left suddenly deciding the Electoral College needs to be scrapped. It’s weird how rules matter to liberals only when they’re on the losing end of them.

It’s gotten so bad in Congress that Republicans are being forced to make laws – laws that, get this, literally force Democrats to act like adults. Apparently, there’s no other way to get them to stop throwing temper tantrums.

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The law was proposed by Speaker Paul Ryan, and gives protesters a series of fines for what should be obviously childish activities – no sit-ins, and no filming on your cellphones. If the last action doesn’t strike you as terrible, keep in mind Democrats used their live-stream of their last sit-in as a way to unethically fund-raise for their party.

RedState reports on both policy proposals:

The new policy would result in members of Congress being fined up to $2,500 for digital photography, audio or visual recording or broadcasting on the House floor.

“These changes will help ensure that order and decorum are preserved in the House of Representatives so lawmakers can do the people’s work,” Ashlee Strong, a spokeswoman for House Speaker Paul Ryan, said in a statement Monday.

The newly proposed policy, which would have to be approved by the full House when they return in January, would fine a member $500 for the first offense and $2,500 for any subsequent offenses. The funds would be taken out of the member’s net salary.

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan condemned the Democrats’ tactic over the summer, calling it at the time a ploy “to get attention.”

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Never let a crisis go to waste, apparently.

If you recall, the Democrats first started this when several of them decided to sit down on the floor of the House of Representatives, refusing to leave. The reason? A gun-control vote hadn’t gone their way. And the best way they had to deal with their loss was by essentially shutting down the government, and creating a liberal media firestorm around the event. They were painted as heroes in the mainstream media, rather than representatives who were simply failing in their basic duty to – well, put bluntly – represent their constituents. You can’t do much representation when you’ve shut down the House.

Besides, the vote they lost was on gun control, which is a Constitutional issue. Someone really should point out that kiddy fits aren’t the way we change the Constitution in the United States.

Maybe they missed that class in school.

As you might imagine, the proposed law has Democrats shaking with rage. A few, like Rep. Eric Swalwell, are trying to act tough in the face of Ryan’s reasonable proposal.

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If I may interject here, Rep. Swalwell, it does your side no service when you continually act like children. I hope you enjoy bringing it on.

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