Paul Ryan Going Down! Look What Sick Thing He Was Caught Doing With Russians

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Paul Ryan should give his dirty money back. Hold up. Here’s why. It was just revealed that Washington Free Beacon was the original news outlet that funded the anti-Trump research with Fusion GPS.

The Free Beacon recently told House Intelligence officials that the news organization was that they were the original ones that funded the anti-Trump Fusion GPS research. The anti-Trump dossier they cooked up contained intel from the Russians.

The Washington Free Beacon is funded by conservative Paul Singer. He hates Trump and is pro-Rubio. He donated close to $2.5 million to the Marco Rubio campaign.

Now, let me hit you with these two facts.

  1. Paul Singer is a top Paul Ryan.
  2. Singer has donated millions to Paul Ryan.

Speaker Paul Ryan needs to disavow his money for this. His dirty money is being used to take down Trump.

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