“Fetish Patriotism” Bill Maher Mocks People Who Respect The Police And National Anthem

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Bill Maher went on a huge rant against people who support our police and our national anthem. He called it ‘fetish patriotism.’ He also called Fox News the ‘Axis of Evil.’

“Someone must tell me why the people who wrap themselves in the flag are always the ones most clueless about what it represents. Like the way Trump turned a respectful protest about police brutality into a patriotism pissing match. The nerve of these young black men kneeling while an ‘American Idol’ runner-up sings the ‘bombs bursting in air’ song,” said Maher.

“How dare you exercise your freedoms while we’re honoring them? We will not stand for not standing. Trump literally said that soldiers have died and we need to stand because ‘They were fighting for our national anthem.’ Oh for f*ck’s sake, no one ever died for the anthem,” he said.

“But I thought this was America. This impulse to tell people not to protest against the police, not to question the generals, this is not American. And that is the problem with all the fetish patriotism. It starts with goosebumps, but it ends with goose steps,” he said. Or maybe those people just understand what the flag represents and how police put their lives on the line every day to protect us.

And here is his stupid opinion on Fox News: “The real problem to me is that Fox News has become state TV. It’s — they were always, of course, Republican. It’s different now, as all things with Trump, it’s worse. And this is a very bad axis of evil.”


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