HELL YES! House Intelligence Committee Just Made Announcement That Will Have Democrats FREAKING Out

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The dossier investigation is heating up. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Clinton campaign were found to have funded the salacious report in a shocking Washington Post article that hit the stands on Monday.

The House Intelligence Committee is on the case, announcing on Saturday that they have reached a settlement to obtain bank records from Fusion GPS, the research firm that produced the dossier.

The Intelligence Committee put out a statement saying:

“The parties have reached an agreement related to the House Intelligence Committee’s subpoena for Fusion GPS’s bank records that will secure the Committee’s access to the records necessary for its investigation.”

This is big progress from earlier this month when Fusion GPS executives said that they would plead the fifth if they were asked to testify about the firm’s financials:

“Should you compel any of our three clients to appear at the scheduled deposition, they will invoke their constitutional privileges not to testify. Since that will be the case, we ask that the Committee excuse them from appearing.”

Now their tune seems to be changing, and it looks like we may finally be getting to the bottom of this latest dossier scandal. The Democrats are finally getting their just desserts, one step at a time. Stay tuned, patriots!


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