After Months of Disrespecting The President, ESPN Gets A Lesson It Won’t Forget!

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After months of allowing journalists like Jemele Hill and others to assail the president, the execs at ESPN have finally been taught a lesson in public opinion that they aren’t soon to forget.

With viewership numbers plummeting month after month, the Disney owned sports giant has announced that it will need to lay off between 40 and 60 members of its staff, just a few months after being forced to lay off nearly a hundred employees earlier this year.

To show just how much they are losing, according to Fox News’ Clay Travis, after analyzing ESPN’s quarterly earnings they are down nearly 11% from the position they were in this time last year, before they decided to open their mouths and get political.

ESPN has really been digging a hole for itself with viewers since then, beginning when it started to let its reporters turn their sports talk shows into a liberal political happy hour. They then doubled down on their leftist sympathies when they made the decision to pull Asian-American broadcaster Robert Lee from the coverage of a college football game in Virginia, all just because of the fact that he SHARED A NAME with the legendary Confederate Civil War General Robert E. Lee.

The company’s grave got a bit deeper only a few weeks later, when SC6 on-air personality Jemele Hill used her Twitter to proclaim Donald Trump a white supremacist. The company did nothing to reign her in for her outlandish antics, but finally stepped in when she called for a boycott of Dallas Cowboys advertisers earlier this month.

Even with the two-week suspension that was levied against Hill, it was simply too little too late, and the company lost much of that red-blooded American viewership that put them in the place they are today. It might have done them a little good to remember where their viewers’ loyalty lies, and acted a bit earlier before letting their leftist ideas cloud their judgment.

Now, however, the people have spoken, and ESPN is paying the price. Let that be a lesson, as if the last election wasn’t one enough. The great silent majority is still out there, and we are more than ready to make our voices heard when the situation calls for it.


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