American People Overrule Bob Mueller, Give President Trump Best News Of His Life

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While the whole Washington D.C. establishment and the media complex was in a frenzy over the Manafort charges, they missed the real story.

The good news they will not report. Because it goes counter to their anti-Trump narrative.

But we are not beholden to the ant-Trump forces so we will report the truth.

And the truth, according to the AP, is great news for President Trump and even better news for the American people.

According to a spectacular report from the Conference Board, American consumers are the most confident in the economy they’ve been in nearly 17 years.

This is big and shows that Trump’s economic agenda is working. And you just know it kills the Democrats to admit it, but the numbers do not lie.

The Conference Board is a trusted group made up of the nation’s top business executives. From their website:

“Because we are independent, non-partisan, and non-profit our work is trusted. If you learned it at The Conference Board you can count on it.”

Correct and they just released some great numbers for Trump and America.

Their consumer confidence index hit 125.9 in October, up from 120.6 in September.

This is the highest number they have tracked since December 2000.

They get their number through measuring current economic conditions as well as what their membership sees coming for the next half year.

And all signs point to an economic boom the likes of which America hasn’t seen in a long, long time.

Additionally, unemployment is at 4.2 percent marking a 16-year low 4.2.

The reason economists watch consumer confidence so closely is that consumer spending is the main driver of the economy.

This new number “suggests the economy will continue expanding at a solid pace for the remainder of the year,” Conference Board economist Lynn Franco said striking fear in the Democrats chances to gain ground in the 2018 elections.

Because America always votes on the economy first. If it is not doing well there is nothing that can save a candidate.

Conversely, if the economy is booming there is almost nothing that can hurt a politician.

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