Stop What You Are Doing: Watch This Amazing Moment Between Trump, Melania, And A Trick or Treater

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This is the first time in eight years that the Halloween celebrations at the Whitehouse didn’t feature real monsters and creatures of the night. President Donald J. Trump and first lady Melania Trump kicked the spooky holiday spirit into high gear on Monday when they hosted a fun-filled celebration on the South Lawn.

The first couple welcomed the youngsters, shook hands and gave hugs, and passed out candy.

The decorations and zany special effects were a big hit with the some 6,000 children who attended the event. Halloween-themed music set the tone as fog machines blanketed the South Lawn in a spooky mist. Spectactulary-carved pumpkins were made in the likenesses of past presidents and lined the southern entrance to the Whitehouse.

The President and the first lady greeted dinosaurs, athletes, police officers, skeletons and some children dressed casually in their regular school clothes. The trick-or-treaters received gift bags containing presidential M&Ms, hard candy, and a home-baked cookie from the Whitehouse kitchen.

Children attended from more than 20 different schools in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. Service members and their families were also invited, as were children and their parents from various community organizations.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders attended the event with her family in tow. Obviously fond of his hand-picked Press Secretary, he told Sanders, “Sarah, get in here.” The President wanted her in the picture with him and her children.

For all of the smiles and warm moments, one particular scene summed up the feelings at the event. A small boy, dressed in a fireman’s uniform, timidly approached the First Lady.

She bent down and smiling at the boy, gave him his Halloween candy.

The happiness and joy on the First Lady’s face was iconic. The President looked on in awe of his wife. It was a truly American moment.

The class and poise displayed by First Lady Melania Trump is so refreshing in this politically divisive time. Her warmth and candor should make every American patriot proud to live in this country.

Posted below is the video of the entire procession of trick-or-treaters:

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