President Trump Comes Forward, Cleans Up Another Dangerous Mess Obama Left Behind

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President Trump just shamed Obama for what he did to make this country less safe. It was a real blunder what Obama did.

And he was told it was a debacle. Told by everyone that we were at war and these terrorists should be labeled as such.

But no. Obama said they were crimes and wanted them tried as such.

It was a dumb move then and when you add to it the other blunders like the diversity lottery and chain migration and Obama literally left Trump a ticking time bomb.

And sadly it went off yesterday.

Trump came out hard this morning in a series of tweets about how this happened and he just doubled down in a blistering press conference.

Trump started off revealing the shocking fact that 23 people came into the United States (or could have) with this terrorists because of chain migration.

Then he bashed Obama and the Dem’s policies calling them “a joke and a laughingstock.”

Trump said we needed “strength and resolve” and called the Democrats obstructionist before telling the truth that, “the Democrats do not want to do what is right for America.”

Then Trump said the words that made America cheer,

“I am today starting the process of terminating the diversity lottery program,” Trump said before adding “we will get rid of chain migration and go to merit based system.”

“We have to get much tougher and much smarter and much less politically correct…We are so politically correct that we are afraid to do anything. These animals go through the courts for years…We need quick justice and strong justice.”

Finally. Someone not afraid to tell the damn truth. Share if you agree.

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