“As Far As Gun Laws…” Watch New York Gov. Cuomo Response To Islamic Truck Attack

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Democrats will use any tragedy to talk about restricting guns and ‘gun control’. It turns out the incident doesn’t even need to involve guns. The New York City terrorist ran down and killed 8 people in a truck. Yet New York Governor Andrew Cuomo chose to talk about gun laws after the attack.

“You play into the hands of the terrorists to the extent you disrupt and divide and frighten people in this society. And, the tone now should be the exact opposite by all officials on all levels. This is about unification. This is about solidarity. This is about normalization. This is about protection. The last thing it’s about is politics, period,” started Cuomo.

“As far as gun laws, I am increasingly proud that New York State passed some of the smartest gun laws in the country,” said Cuomo. What did that have to do with anything?

“The Safe Act — I think it is madness the number of assault weapons that we have in this country. I think it endangers law enforcement. I think it costs us untold numbers of deaths, and I hope one day we will have a federal policy that actually brings sanity to the gun policy laws in this country,” he said.

Check out the video below.

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